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Dansk Studios offer commercial photography and videography services for Events, Products, Social Media and more.
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Dansk Studios The Ring

Cold Rock iScream Series

We were commissioned by Cold Rock Ice Cream to come up with a creative idea for social media engagement for a competition to win a years worth of ice cream.  The iScream for Summer series was proposed to reproduce classic scary movies with ice cream being involved. 

Dansk Studio Video

BFree Wraps

BFree Wraps were looking for a series of videos showcasing their features in a variety of situations that showcase the benefits of BFree Wraps.

Thomas Chipman

Thomas Chipman at FlickerFest

The Yarra Valley Snack Food company had a requirement to create a Ad to be shown during Flickerfest as they were the sponsors.

The plan was to interview a farmer who grows organic food, showcase the benefits and the process.


Recipe Video

Wholesome Foods recipe

Video is a great way for online engagement and for informative content. We created a series of videos to show off how chips could be used in recipes. Actual recipe in this series were shown on the post, not the video. These all received a high number of views and more importantly engagement.

Cold Rock iScream Video Series

Cold Rock iScream Summer Series

This series of four videos was commissioned by Cold Rock ice cream for social media and in store display.

We came up with the concept and organised casting, filmed the sketches, scouted locations and scripts.